Heat Transfer International (HTI) engineers have designed, fabricated and installed waste-to-energy plants since the 1970's. Plants in operation today continue to recover energy, destroy pollutants and meet all environmental codes.
Gasification is an oxygen-starved process that converts solid fuels such as biomass and coal into gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

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Types of Gasifiers & Oxidizers

Fixed Bed Starved Air Gasifier

Low NOx Oxidizer

Starved Air Rotary
HTI designs all Biomass Gasification systems from industry standard modular components. This design approach allows HTI maximum design flexibility for our customers Biomass systems. The modular approach also ensures the most robust system operation.

Absorption Chiller for Cooling

Hot Air Dryer for Wet Solids

Hot Air Furnaces

Heat Exchangers



Power Generation Equipment

Air Turbines

Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers
HTI's patented Air to Air Ceramic Heat Exchangers accepts clean air, dirty air, flue gases or industrial gases from chemical processes at temperature up to 2400º F and at pressures to 150 psig. With our patented, tested and proven design you can replace individual tubes, clean tubes while the heat exchanger is at temperature and expect leakage rates of less than 1%. An HTI Ceramic Heat Exchanger will operate at temperatures 50% higher than the most exotic metal heat exchangers.

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Our patented ceramic valve will control fuel gas air flows in high temperature and several chemical applications. Temperatures as high as 2400º F can be tolerated!

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