This unique patented device is manufactured and supplied by Heat Transfer International. It is designed to process wastes such as Medical, Hazardous solids, Army Munitions, PCB’s and coal tailings. The waste is metered into via air locked rams and fed upwards into the gasifier, to forms a fuel pile. A controlled percentage of stoichiometric air is injected throughout the pile.

The unique control of the air injection arrangement keeps the pile temperature below the sublimation, vaporizing or melting temperatures of the noncombustible solids and, at the same time, vaporizes the volatiles using the energy from partial combustion of the wastes. The syngas generated is collected
above the pile and induced into the oxidizer.

HTI has proven the gasifier by firing Hazardous Medical waste, lab animal and PCB’s. The emissions leaving the stack was below the most stringent code levels

Hazardous Medical Waste Fixed Bed Gasifier

Mobile Fixed Bed Gasifier Assembly