Dave Prouty, President

Dave Prouty, President of Heat Transfer International, gained extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical cooling, industrial and commercial refrigeration and custom air moving devices with Trane Corporation. While at Trane, he pioneered the Yellow Rock initiative, a division that focused on custom equipment design and which continues to be a vibrant part of Trane's operations today. In 2003, Mr. Prouty founded Fisen Corporation and in 2005, the larger Thermocon Corporation under which Fisen and Heat Transfer International came to be housed. He served as President of both. With prior engineering background in gasification and waste gas energy recovery, Mr. Prouty recognized the market of using gasification technology in an energy production system. In 2006, he sold his shares of Thermocon and Fisen and continued with Heat Transfer International in order to pursue the waste-to-energy opportunity. Mr. Prouty serves on Michigan State University's bioengineering advisory board. He received his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Iowa State University.
Tony Kuiper, Engineering Team Leader

Tony Kuipers received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Grand Valley State University.  He has experience in control systems design for processes and manufacturing, automotive R & D, quality systems and team leadership.  Currently he works on Gasification System permitting, overall engineering management, project design, and process control systems.

Kevin Ingersoll, Purchasing and Special Projects

Kevin Ingersoll is an active member with the ISM and has been involved in purchasing procurement for over 10 years. Kevin has been involved in structural and sheet metal design and fabrication for 28 years. He has managed and designed projects for large industrial complexes. He specializes in direct and indirect fired applications for 24 years. Kevin served on the ANSI Committee Z83 as an active member from 2000-2004 and as an associated member for over 20 years.

Will Shepard, Mechanical Engineering Team Leader

Will Shepard received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He has a diverse background in automotive manufacturing, mechanical and machine design, product engineering, as well as material handling and systems engineering. Will is currently utilizing his Engineering experience and leadership to oversee mechanical, system and process design. In addition, Will is the lead Engineer for the Gasifier development and high temperature valve production.

Mary Joe Klotz, Controller

Mary Joe Klotz has worked in the field of Accounting and Finance for 22 years. She is also experienced with and oversees Human Resources, Office Management, computer installation and applications. Ms. Klotz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.