Heat Transfer International (HTI) home office is based in Kentwood Michigan. In the Kentwood facility, HTI has a state of the art fuels laboratory, engineering design and development center, a pilot scale Biomass Development Center and an advanced manufacturing rapid prototyping center. Our heavy metal manufacturing is done at the Morbark Manufacturing's facility in Winn Michigan. Morbark is one of HTI's owners. With years of engineering and manufacturing knowledge, HTI is proud to offer a unique waste-to-energy gasification process and high temperature ceramic heat exchanger technology. The technology was acquired in 2006 when HTI purchased the Patents of Bob Graham and IP of Presque Isle Engineering and C & H Combustion.

Our technology, incorporated into the gasification process and air turbine power generation, creates a more user friendly, practical system for medium sized biomass energy systems.

In additions to the purchase patents, HTI's technology has received multiple United States and foreign patents. These patents set us apart from other manufacturers and are indicators of our distinctive approach to gasification and air turbine power generation.

Our facility in Kentwood Michigan.